You and eye is your ideal partner to create a perfect signage that cater to your needs.

Drawing on the basis of industry expertise, You and Eye is recognized as a leader in signage in Dubai. From vacuum forming sign design to fabrication, from installation and maintenance to branding and conversion programs, YOU AND EYE is committed to providing the highest level of service and quality to our clients.

We are the best turnkey sign provider, and have earned the trust of the top retail brands through our inspired design engineering, unlimited manufacturing capabilities specialized builder of indoor and outdoor signage in Dubai, You and Eye provides an international standard by utilizing state of the art technology with high-quality specifications at an affordable price in the UAE.

We specialize in:

Architectural Signage

As part of our name, we take designing and building architectural signage seriously. Exterior signage is the first thing your clients see when they find you and last thing they see when they leave.

Digital Signage

We understand that every digital signage venture offers another arrangement of difficulties including: the physical environment, timing and spending plan requirements, learning about advancements, smart use and planning and keeping up an advanced showcase system.

Retail Signage

Retail Store Signage is any visual graphics which displays information to your customers about your business and product. It can vary in form and size based on location and intent, can be an expansive banner to 3D signage in your store front which drives in foot traffic to stores.

Internal Signage

Internal signs play a vital role in interior architecture. We come across internal signs daily in banks, hospitals, shopping malls and offices where these help to locate various counters and offices. Internal signs become an integral part of interior spaces which help customers understand the directions to reach where they have to go.

Freestanding 3D Signage

Make a distinctive signage statement with 3D Lettering and 3D Logos and add an element of sophistication and individuality to your business.  These bespoke signs are available in a wide variety of sizes and typestyle. They can include illumination with LED lighting in the rear of the lettering which creates a halo of light on the sign surface to capture people’s attention.  The result is a three-dimensional sign with visual impact that catches the eye of passers-by. 

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding is the way users of space find information to orient and navigate themselves. When a user is in a particular space, he or she may notice that wayfinding can manifest in signage. A good wayfinding and signage design consultant in Dubai will approach designing a wayfinding system using a proven effective method that incorporates the principle of user experience.

At You and Eye, we do more than just produce signs, we make a statement about you and your business.