We work hard, we work Smart. Our work drives results.

Years of planning, investment, and commitment to accomplishing what others can’t has made us efficient, effective and given us a base of resources, equipment and capabilities that few are able to match. Learning is what we have been persistent about since the beginning, and it is the reason why we succeed. We have done this with the perfect creation of work that is impossible to ignore, across our six pillar divisions

Joinery Division

Our joinery workshop is where the magic begins. With state of the art equipment and machinery, the division provides a complete one stop shop for joinery work. From working with our designers to detailed engineering, manufacture, delivery and installation, we are aimed at enhancing the look of wood, which is functional, durable and beautiful.

Metal Fabrication

At our metal fabrication workshop, we cut, bend and assemble metal structures to cater to your requirements. With our expertise in tailored product development, we are your partners for any of your metal fabrication requirements.

Solid Surfaces

We are specialized in the fabrication of acrylic solid surface in Dubai, which is commonly known in the industry as Corian. With innovative technology, high-quality material and proven track record of excellence in designing and managing a varied range projects with corian, we are your partners for your requirements

Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic is an excellent material for a wide variety of applications. It can be easily cut, drilled, fabricated and digital and screen printed. Our experienced skilled team can fabricate almost everything with Acrylic from signage to custom displays.

Digital and UV-LED Printing

We are at your side for your indoor and outdoor digital printing requirements with our modern machine park, experience and quality workmanship. With our specialized UV-LED printing service, we can attain printing high quality artwork on any material specifications.

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming is one of the oldest methods of molding plastics. With advances in vacuum forming, it’s become one of the most useful tools in manufacturing signage. And we exploit this technology to achieve the finest signage in the advertising industry