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An attractive signage is what keeps your brand and company alive in the hearts and minds of people. Whether it is the logo or something else, the colors and quality of outdoor signage company makes the branding pop. we combine attractive designs, with a strong understanding of the event and retail branding needs, all in a great cost.

We are not just an ordinary digital signage company, in fact, we also bring advertising knowledge and expertise to the table. This means you get the perfect mix of branding knowledge and a great variety of beautiful signs, including:

  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Vacuum forming
  • Flat cut logos
  • 3D logos
  • Illuminated signs 

Types of Digital & Outdoor Signage

As a leading signage company in Dubai, we provide our customers with a large variety of choice for outdoor and digital signage. Our services also include installation and professional branding for events and companies. One of the most popular choices we offer is digital signage, which uses electronic equipment to display text, and even images.

  • Architectural Signs: Architectural Signage includes a number of custom signs that help to recognize the many locations and places in a large facility or building.
  • LED signs: LED signs use a flat panel display made up of pixels, usually to show video. They are super bright and perfect for use in the outdoors and on transport.
  • Indoor signs: Indoor signs are used in covered places like lobbies, lounges, hotels, classrooms, and corridors. They follow a color scheme and have the ability to beautify any indoor space.
  • Outdoor Signs: Outdoor signs are usually custom made for display outside buildings and on the street, and usually made of strong plastic and metal for maximum durability in all kinds of weather.
  • Neon Signs: Neon signs are usually used outdoors in the downtown areas in large cities. It uses neon gas to display many bright and attractive colors.
  • Safety & Traffic Signs: Safety and traffic signs are used on streets and busy roads to warn drivers and pedestrians about the road conditions, and give warnings to keep people safe.
  • Way Finding Signs: Way Finding signs are used in large buildings and facilities, such as shopping malls and university campuses to guide visitors to their destination by showing name of place and direction.
  • Pylons, Uni-poles & Totem Signs: Pylons, Uni-poles and Totem signs are used to make a high impact and take up little or no space. They stand vertically and deliver lots of useful information.
  • Restaurant & Hotel Signs: Restaurant and hotel signs are usually custom made according to the theme and colors of the outlet, and help to convey they color scheme of the brand.
  • Office Signs: Office signs are made for indoor use, usually in corporate settings, to label the main spaces and offices. They can be used to label the offices of staff, conference room, bathrooms, and provide directions to departments.

Process of Getting Signage

Call/Meeting: Tell us about the specifics of the signs you want, such as size, design, colors, and build material in a meeting, after which we will share soft copies of the signs with you.

Quotation: If you decide to stick with the designs we shared with you, we will give you a price quote.

Deliver: We deliver the signs in the timeframe we discussed.

Client Testimonials

Found the perfect fit for my corporate headquarters in your signage company. Very impressed with the range and variety of signs you have, and the build quality of the signage we received was also quite up to the mark. Highly satisfied with the services. - Clinton Dmello

I was very happy to find that your company also has branding experience, which made it a lot easier for my small business to put up outdoor signage, which could promote our services wherever we wanted. - Zaira

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